nayati International is a non-profit and 501 (C )(3) approved tax exempt organization committed to making a difference in the quality of life of the population around the world through research and education.

Together with a team of committed and qualified experts, consultants and institutions, we work with great commitment to each issue undertaken in a participatory approach or providing direct support and direction - all aimed at empowering communities constantly improve their quality of life.

Incorporated in Texas, USA and active in India as registered non-profit organization, nayati plans to extend its activities across various global communities to achieve better living standards taking advantage of advanced technologies. nayati is committed to seeing that the technological advances and outcomes of research are translated into real life applications to the benefit of all.

It is our trust and belief that such a change can be brought about by research and education both of which are dynamic activities and processes that form the crux of development of individuals, communities, governments and countries.
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