SafeBridge® Boot Camp 1 - Potent Compound Safety Training
Health is the major criteria and indicator for the quality of life and safe work and living environment is the right of every individual. While advances in health care and medicine are at a point where people can get a new lease on life from technologies like stem cell transfers, on the other end of the spectrum are communities where basic health care is something that is to be aspired for. Most of the issues of health and safety can be categorized under
Environmental Health & Safety Public Health & Safety
All of the above issues are interrelated, affecting individuals and communities and eventually having an impact, as we have been experiencing in the recent past, across the world populations. Globalization has made dealing with health and safety issues a challenge and while not as serious as infectious diseases, issues of Environmental and Occupational Health and safety have ceased to be localized due to international commerce.
SafeBridge Boot Camp I Potent Compound Safety Training
Globally recognised and sought-after course by Industries Now offered in India

February 23-24, 2018
Taj Krishna Hotel, Banjara Hills Hyderabad, India

OHTA Module W 506
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