Socio-economic issues are particularly important due to their uniqueness depending on the communities. They are also both the cause and the effect of the issues of quality of life. While poor socio-economic conditions result in lack of access to quality health care, education, safety, food, nutrition and the rest of the needs, non-availability of these facilities is leading to poor socio-economic conditions. Socio-economic in-equalities are then resulting in various other discriminations.

This very important indicator of growth and development which is also an important criteria for Quality of life spans over a range of issues from the very basic health, food and safety,education and environment to more complex and multidisciplinary aspects like Gender based issues, cultural differences including culture of lawfulness, work ethics, corruption, job-security and employability, psychological and well being issues, work and school violence and many more.

Technologies cannot advance or sustain without reaching the needy. Innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders cannot be identified or nurtured without good socio-economic conditions, security and sustenance to communities. More importantly, significant
in-equalities in the socio-economic conditions not only hamper growth and development but foster dangerous behaviors of frustration, unrest and discontent. Equal importance and emphasis is required for the inter dependant socio-economic issues and scientific and educational activities. Growth, development and sustainability is not possible without a simultaneous focus on scientific and socio-economic issues

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